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Exercise: "Bent-Leg Hip Raises (abs)" by Sruthan Wants Abs

More info / tips / proper technique:

To begin, lie on your back with knees bent and soles of feet on the floor like a standard crunch position. Cup your hands lightly behind your ears or in a position of your choice, and raise your shoulders off the floor to firm up your abs.

Use your lower abs to raise your legs up, keeping them bent, and raising until your feet are above your head. Your shoulders will remain a little off the ground, and your weight should shift from back and hips, to just back as the hips naturally raise off the floor when your feet are above you.

Hold the muscle contration in your lower abs for a count of two at the top of the motion, and then lower then in a controlled manner back toward starting position. Do not rest the weight of your legs at the bottom of the motion, just touch lightly to make sure you keep constant tension on the ab muscles throughout the reps.

abs: Bent-Leg Hip Raises abs: Bent-Leg Hip Raises
abs: Bent-Leg Hip Raises abs: Bent-Leg Hip Raises

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