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Exercise: "Modified Side Jackknives (abs)" by Sruthan Wants Abs

More info / tips / proper technique:

Lie on the floor on your left side, knees bent and torso near a right-angle with your legs. Rest the top of your left arm on the floor with your left hand grasping your right hip. Cup your right hand on your ear.

Use your oblique abs to raise your torso and left shoulder up off the ground and at the same time, bring your right knee up, and in a side crunch motion, bring your right elbow to touch your right knee. Focus on using your oblique ab muscle both in lifting your left shoulder and torso up and also use it in bringing your right knee up to meet the elbow. Hold a muscle contraction at the top of the motion for a count of two, then lower down your torso and leg to starting position. Remember, just touch the bottom lightly, do not rest your torso or leg between reps so that you will keep a constant tension on the muscle.

After completing the reps on one side, switch to your other side -- now the left elbow will be coming up, raising the right shoulder off the ground, elbow meeting left knee at the top of the motion. Perform the full number of reps on BOTH sides.

It is helpful to alternate days starting on your left side or right side to keep a balance of working your obliques evenly on both sides -- this is especially true if your workout contains another oblique exercise like Crossovers. You will also want to start your next oblique exercise working the opposite side obliques from the previous exercise so that you get an equal amount of rest on both sides.

abs: Modified Side Jackknives barefoot abs: Modified Side Jackknives barefoot
abs: Modified Side Jackknives bare feet abs: Modified Side Jackknives bare feet

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