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Exercise: "Medicine Ball Straight Leg Raises" by Sruthan Wants Abs

More info / tips / proper technique:

Medicine Ball Straight Leg Raises are a variation on the traditional lower-abs leg raises using the resistance of the exercise ball to increase the challenge and generate bigger muscle size (hypertrophy). Use an exercise ball weight that will bring you to near failure (specific muscle exhaustion) in between 8-15 reps. Lie on your back and lift your head and shoulders slightly off the ground to firm your abs and to shift your weight to lower-back contact on the ground. Use your hands at your sides, palms down, to stabilize your position.

This exercise needs to be done barefoot. Grasp the medicine ball between the soles of your feet -- you might find it helpful to use your arches or toes a little -- just find whatever foot grasp is stable and comfortable for you. It might take a little practice for the ball to feet natural in your feet. Now use your lower-abs to lift the ball with your feet, pivoting at your hips, up to a near 90 degree angle. Only your feet and legs move, keep your upper-body down and stable. Hold the abs muscle contraction at the top of the movement for a count of two, then lower back to near starting position, but don't rest the weight of the ball on the ground, just touch lightly with your heals. You want to keep a constant tension on your lower-abs throughout all reps.

abs: Medicine Ball Straight Leg Raises abs: Medicine Ball Straight Leg Raises
abs: Medicine Ball Straight Leg Raises abs: Medicine Ball Straight Leg Raises

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