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Exercise: "Medicine Ball Spartan Twists" by Sruthan Wants Abs

More info / tips / proper technique:

Medicine Ball Spartan Twists work-out a range of abdominal muscles that are central to stablility and twisting motions in a lot of day-to-day activities and sports. The twisting strengthens the external (and to a lesser extent, internal) oblique abs, while upper and lower abs are challenged also in this exercise.

You will probably want to do this exercise barefoot because shoes or socks would likely make it more difficult to rotate through the motions.

Begin in a "pushup" position with both hands on the exercise ball, elbows slightly bent, firming your abs to hold your torso in a straight line. Go slowly, and begin to shift the weight to your right hand. You will be removing your left hand from the ball, pivoting on your feet and raising your left hand towards the sky as your rotate your body from parallel to the ground to perpendicular, balancing on your right hand on the ball, and on your feet, using your abs to keep your body straight and supported. You will likely find this motion quite awkward, and pehaps difficult at first, but it get easier and more natural quickly with a little practice. After reaching a perpendicular position with your left hand up toward the sky, reverse the motion you just performed to return to the starting "pushup position." You will the do the same kind of twist to the other side, with your left hand balancing on the ball, and your right arm rotation upward toward the sky and perpendicular to the ground, then, once again return to the starting position. This full motion is 1 rep.

Keep the motion slow and controlled -- no faster than 3 seconds per rep, and much slower when you are starting out. Make sure to firm and use your abs throughout the motion and all reps.

abs: Medicine Ball Spartan Twists barefoot abs: Medicine Ball Spartan Twists barefeet abs: Medicine Ball Spartan Twists ball bare foot
abs: Medicine Ball Spartan Twists bare feet abs: Medicine Ball Spartan Twists barefoot abs: Medicine Ball Spartan Twists right arm on exercise ball

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