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Exercise: "Medicine Ball Standing Twists" by Sruthan Wants Abs

More info / tips / proper technique:

Medicine Ball Standing Twists use angular momentum to provide resistance with the exercise ball to enhance the cuts and size of your oblique abdominal muscles.

Choose a weight of medicine ball that will being you to near failure/fatigue within 8-15 reps. Stand with good posture, feet about shoulder-width apart, or slightly closer together, feet parallel, toes facing forward. Hold the ball in front of you with your elbows bent with the ball a few inches from your chest at a low chest height.

Use your oblique abs to rotate your torso from the hips to the right to close to 90 degrees. You are rotating at your hips, so the ball, your chest, and your eyes remain all aligned, now facing right together. Hold at the maximum rotation for a count of two, then return to center, pausing briefly facing forward, now rotate to the left just as you did to the right, hold for the count of two, and then back to center. This is ONE rep -- forward-right-forward-left-forward.

The movement should be from the hips alone. Doing this exercise barefoot helps develop natural stabilizers in the foot muscles and gives your good traction. Make sure you are not jerking your neck or shoulders -- they should stay in gentle alignment with the rest of your torso.

abs: Medicine Ball Standing twists bare feet abs: Medicine Ball Standing twists barefoot
abs: Medicine Ball Standing twists barefoot abs: Medicine Ball Standing twists bare feet

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